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WFC Fall Strength Meet • Sun, Sep 22 at 11:00AM Instructed by Inna Koppel

The WFC Strength Meet features the squat, press, and deadlift. The judges do not provide commands. You simply need to execute the lifts properly. All deadlifts will be performed conventionally. We have also done away with the weigh-in and moved to a weigh-out system. After your final deadlift, you will go to weigh-out and your scoring will be based on that.Overall standings will be calculated using the Wilks formula. Masters lifters, those over 40 years of age, will have the McCulloch coefficients applied to their scores within the Masters division.

The best female, male and teen lifters will receive a free 1-month membership to our Starting Strength Barbell groups. Winners in each category will receive an award and their ranking along with the results.

Cancellation policy  If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.