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USSF 2019 New York Fall Classic

$139 per classPurchase required to enroll

Compete with other lifters and yourself to test the limits of your physical and mental strength. The 2019 USSF New York Fall Classic is a sanctioned by the United States Strengthlifting Federation. Competitors will be ranked and can qualify for the 2019 USSF Nationals.

Distinct from the sport of powerlifting, Strengthlifting is comprised of the Squat, the Press, and the Conventional Deadlift. Competition takes place between lifters in categories as defined by sex, bodyweight, and age. Each competitor is given three attempts for each lift, the summation of each valid attempt constituting a total. The lifter with the highest total in their category wins. The lifter with the highest number of points based on Wilks Formula is the best lifter. For a detailed ruleset: usstrengthlifting.com/rules.